Edward Bowe is a newer resident of the city declaring Arizona residency in 2017 after nearly 50 years in Chicago, IL. His family moved here in Prescott to a home they purchased in 2003 near the YRMC-West and YMCA.


Following college graduation in 1968 from the Ohio State University, he taught at a new Vocational School in Indiana, joined the U.S Army Reserves, married and followed his new wife to Chicago for the next 50 years. His long term efforts in community service followed a bout with cancer which led to a reexamination of his life and a divorce. He moved alone to the Uptown Chicago community, a community which had seen glorious times but had fallen to crime and disrepair. His commitment and effort in community leadership as a private citizen revived the community over a period from 1979 to 2016. In that community he acted as an independent developer and as a business person he participated in many highly successful real estate developments with others as a risk manager counting over 45 successful clients relationships. During those business experiences he was consultant for an asset manager with pensions in Ohio, Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and Illinois as well as foreign funds.


He brings a wealth of community organizing and leadership to the growing city of Prescott. Since arriving permanently he now serves as member of the Mile High British and European Car Club, Citizen's Water Advisory Group, Citizen's Tax Committee and is the Area 1 Coordinator of precinct Committeeman in 14 precincts for the Yavapai County Republican Committee. His interest include international travel, golf, support of OSU athletics as a life member of the Alumni Association, film, international affairs and politics, historical real estate and auto restoration focusing on the marquee, Jaguar. He enjoys participating in social events with his spouse of nearly 40 years who is a naturalized citizen from Argentina. She retired as an ESL teacher, fluent in the Spanish language and active in the local chapter of the AAUW. They care for an elder daughter who has been affected by the Lyme bacteria and needs constant care.