Your property Taxes are “Proposed” to go up!

Your property Taxes are “Proposed” to go up! If you live in the Central Yavapai fire District (CYFD), your property taxes are “increasing” more than they should. At their April meeting the CYFD board voted 3-2 to increase all personnel wages 4 1/2 %!

Most property owners who are retired have gone 2 years without an increase in their income. While most government employees receive “step” increases automatically each year.

Not only has your property gone up in value for an “automatic” increase in property taxes, the proposed FY2018 budget will also “increase” the multiplier!

In 2015, the CYFD and the Chino Valley Fire District (VFD) combined to form the Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority (CAFMA) to provide savings for the taxpayer.

The pending budget depends heavily on the Taxpayers of the Central Yavapai Fire District! Over 80% of the proposed budget will be paid by CYFD if passed! Chino Valley Fire District will only be contributing 19 % of the proposed CAFMA budget!

Make your voices heard! On May 16th, a Tuesday, at 3:30 PM, the boards will be holding their monthly meeting the Prescott Valley Library Auditorium to affirm this budget. Public comments are taken!

This is your opportunity to address this unfair tax increase!

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