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How Washington, DC and Phoenix PACs influence our elections here in Prescott, AZ

Recently a mailer hit Prescott and Yavapai county attacking a Prescott Mayoral candidate Mary Beth Hrin for having this medical bill in 2009 (Please click on this link to view entire county record). They published medical information and misrepresented the content of the county record. As seen in the link no lien was ever placed against Mary Beth Hrin. This is deceptive. This exact type of behavior was exhibited in the Yavapai County Appraiser race in 2016. I have also seen attack pieces on the other women candidate. Only one Mayoral Candidate has no hit pieces on him. This is how the establishment works in selecting elected officials.

It is expected the same type of attack pieces will be continued. These fliers are expensive and deep pockets are at work. I don't know about you, but I despise false information and resent Phoenix Political Action Committees (PAC) in league with our local establishment (good old boys and girls) influencing our election process.

As with Donald Trump, during the election and as President, the Washington establishment attacks. Mary Beth is facing the exact same mentality here in Prescott and Yavapai county. As with so many races across the country, be it outsiders from Hollywood to Unions, they will do everything they can to maintain power and thus keep the money in their pockets and NOT the tax payer. This election is about the .75% sales tax to throw down the PSPRS black hole. The PSPRS tsunami has arrived and those in the public sector will do anything to maintain the status quo. Thus their cruelty to people outside the establishment and the deep state here in Arizona.

DO NOT be deceived by these fliers, mailers, or ads. Lets send a message to the local forever establishment and those interlopers, citizens are taking our Government back. The existing Governments in Yavapai county see citizens as revenue, NOT people with bills and life's to live. They see tax payers as an ATM machine to finance their never ending desires to grow Government.

Please vote for the non-establishment candidates to stop the same behavior by our local governments that gets us deeper in debt and increasing budgets.

VOTE NO on Proposition 443.

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